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About Us

About Us

When Communities Thrive, People Thrive. Schools Are Just The Beginning.

To discover and explore young talent in disadvantaged areas and achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives through education, inspiration, and empowerment.

Our Mission

To empower our people from underprivileged background through education, mentorship and inspiration, enabling them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Vision

To become the world-class South African hub for identifying, nurturing and developing young talent into the next generation of African leaders.

These values define us:


We treat each other with respect, dignity and kindness. We strive to be good role models for the young people we support.


We are all driven by the passion we have for South Africa and the positive impact we wish to see in the lives of the next generation of leaders through education. We are always willing to collaborate and learn from others.


We strive to act with honesty and consistency in all our engagements. We believe that doing the right thing is always right even when it is the most difficult thing to do. 


We are brave to explore different things and build new relationships.


We believe that a commitment to inclusivity holds the key to achieving our goals. In an environment such as ours, we recognise that we need to integrate divergent views and value various contributions to better understand the challenges we face and to find the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.


We believe in diligence and excellence in all we do. We strive to always put others first, with a key focus on improving the lives of the youth we serve. We recognise that output is not always the only measure of our success, but we consider giving ‘our best’ in what we do.


We are motivated to come up with unconventional and innovative ways to solve any problem we face.

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Even a small donation goes a long way towards helping someone achieve their dreams.

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Even a small donation goes a long way towards helping someone achieve their dreams.