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RealRoleModels Project

Project Summary

This programme was established to educate young people across the country, about the value and importance of choosing a good role model. We have realised that most young people, particularly those coming from disadvantaged rural villages, have very little exposure to public figures who lead an upright life, and influential individuals they can look up to.

Real role models play an important role within a black society, considering challenges often faced by young people growing up in poor areas. Public figures play a crucial role in inspiring youth, thereby influencing them to reach their full potential. We cannot underestimate the impact good role models have in the lives of young people. We started this initiative with the aim of connecting young people from various rural villages with South African diligent and progressive role models who will inspire, motivate and empower them to realise their dreams in academia, to help them set ambitious goals for the future and prepare for post-grade 12 educational journey.

In this regard, we will host training workshops, panel discussions, and inspirational talks where good role models from a wide array of backgrounds will share their personal stories, share about their failures and successes, and their academic journeys. Dr Musa Manzi Foundation will also, create an innovative RealRoleModels app – where young people can have access to life coaching material from the RealRoleModels Programme at no costs. The programme constitutes various elements which are designed to teach young people about careers, responsibility, discipline, behaviour, respect, and attaining future goals. Learners will also be exposed to valuable educational and social leadership learnings meant to help them develop and strengthen their own leadership skills.

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