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Ndwendwe Annual Maths Competition

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Project Summary

South Africa is faced with a major challenge with mathematics regarding the quality of education. According to a 2014 World Economic Forum (WEF) report, South Africa ranked last out of the 148 countries measured relating to the quality of mathematics and science education.

Dr Musa Manzi Foundation has since established a project to encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education among youth and expose Ndwedwe school children to the fields of study available in this sector. In support of this mandate the foundation will host ‘The Ndwendwe Annual Maths Competition’ every year during June and July school holidays to excite and ‘wow’ young and upcoming scientists around Ndwedwe district. We believe that Mathematics is the foundation upon which most disciplines rely.

Therefore, we believe that this initiative will inspire the next generation of problem solvers, analytical and creative thinkers and innovators. Through this initiative we hope to unearth raw talents from all walks of life and nurture them. The competition is designed to encourage and enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and has the potential to promote human capacity building in Ndwedwe area and surrounding areas. This programme takes the form of an annual mathematics competition hosted by the Foundation in the following categories: Grades 4-5; Grades 6-7; Grades 8-9; and Grades 10-12.

We envisage that this annual event will develop into a forum for promoting collaboration and sharing of skills between schools in Ndwedwe. We also aim to collaborate with government organisations at local level and parastatals in the province, private sectors, and other academic institutions in South Africa to assist in achieving this goal. This project is unique, as it is the only one of its kind in KwaZulu- Natal Province and spans across a wide range of learners. The Ndwendwe Annual Maths Competition will also collaborate with the Wits University Mathematics Competition and Siyanqoba programme. The idea is to give learners the chance to enjoy and love mathematics more, thus extending their skills and they will be rewarded for their efforts.

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