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#FillTheGap Trust Fund

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FillTheGap Trust Fund

Project Summary

​The unfortunate reality is that many university students from underprivileged backgrounds in South Africa attend lectures hungry, which in turn affects their academic performance. Some students have no accommodation and survive the whole academic year through sleeping in the libraries, computer labs, lecture rooms and ‘squatting’ with friends at the friends’ residences. For most poor students, National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funding is not enough to cover their basic living needs. In addition, some students finish their degrees but cannot graduate because they are in debt and thus cannot easily find employment or proceed with their studies. To address this problem, the Dr Musa Manzi Foundation has established the #FillTheGap Trust Fund initiative to raise funds that will assist in reducing students’ financial stress during their studies.

We are thankful to the funds we have received, which have been donated by individuals (e.g., professors, businessmen), government and entities in the private sector. We trust that these funds will not only act as financial support but also boost and encourage the recipients to chase and achieve their dreams, and be able to give back to society in every way possible. Funds cover various students’ needs, including books, scientific research, academic fees, accommodation, transport, food, and clothing.

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Even a small donation goes a long way towards helping someone achieve their dreams.

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Even a small donation goes a long way towards helping someone achieve their dreams.

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