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Jabulile Buthelezi-Kalonji
Jabulile Buthelezi-Kalonji
Board Member: Dr Musa Manzi Foundation

Jabulile Buthelezi-Kalonji is a Stakeholder, Media and Communications Senior Professional, with a career spanning over a decade in the industry. She is a dedicated economic and social justice activist, a writer, youth mentor and global speaker. Her work has made inroads into West, East and Central Africa, the U.S.A and Europe.  She has served as a Project Manager for Communications and External Relations for Eskom Power Stations, has upheld a role as a Stakeholder Manager for the office of the MMC of Economic Development; under the office of the Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg. She has also lead a role as a Senior Manager, for Media and Communications at Oxfam South Africa.

Jabulile has delivered numerous guest lectures, contributed to Pan-African and global panels addressing; (Inequality, Xenophobia, Social Justice, Religious Freedom, Youth Development) with her key lectures located at; Texas University (U.S) and University of Pretoria (S.A).

She is passionate about youth empowerment and leadership, and has lead work in this regard for over 16 years. She continues to support African youth in building the continent through Africa-inspired ideas, conversations and solutions; as a Founder of Millennial Dialogue on Africa.

Jabulile is a former member of the BackChat Committee led by the Presidency, chaired by the Former Youth Monitoring and Evaluation Minister, Buti Manamela. She is a former Media and Communications Advisory Board Member for the Association of the Advancement of Black Chartered Accountants of Southern Africa (ABASA). She currently spearheads mentorship work under Public Campus Ministries for youth in Universities across South Africa.

Jabulile believes young people are present leaders, who need support and mentorship in order to realise their dreams and embrace their own contribution to society and the world at large. She believes all professionals should be engaged in this selfless work of servant-leadership for the livelihood of young people, the cornerstone of our communities.

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